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Cooper's Provisions Smoked Salts

Cooper's Provisions products are created with quality ingredients and time-honored "cold smoking" techniques to produce intense flavors that will enhance your food with "just a pinch!" Proudly produced by an American Combat Veteran.

  • Original: Use as a finishing salt to elevate the flavor of meats, soups, fish, and vegetables. Can be used as a tasty alternative to regular salt.

  • Garlicky: This blend adds the zesty punch of garlic to the original Smoked Mediterranean Sea Salt for a delightfully pungent and smoky combination.

  • Bacon Infused: We recommend this blend on tater tots, baked potatoes, green vegetables, and eggs.

  • Salt 'N Pepper: A classic blend with a smoky twist.

  • Smokehouse: This blend enhances the original smoked sea salt with traditional BBQ flavors including garlic, smoked Spanish paprika, and black pepper. Great on anything heading to the grill or smoker!

  • Smoked Turbinado Cane Sugar: Unique Smoky & Sweet flavor ideal for finishing baked goods, or for use in place of regular sugar. We love to add it to our coffee, finish cupcakes, or give a traditional cocktail a smoky twist!


Made in Georgia | Net wt. 6oz

Cooper's Provisions Smoked Salts

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